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Ductwork from air pump (left) to blacksmith hearth (above)


Late 1800s





Late 1800s

Blacksmith forge with air pump at left (black "box"), converted kitchen stove hearth, and quencher (right).

Converted bicycle used to power air pump to which it was connected by what appears to be a flattened fire hose.

Late 1800s

Detail of belt connection to rear wheel of bicycles

Complete blacksmith setup in back room of Wagon Shop.  Door at left of bicycle is in the location of the current door to the back room.  Photo shows (l. to r.) the bicucle, bicycle-operated air pump, converted kitchen stove hearth, and converted kitchen sink quencher.  This photo shows the pipe (at upper edge) above the hearth, but no connecting hardware.  This might have been a temporary shown here, smoke would probably fill the back room.

Late 1800s

Late 1800s

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Interior of Jake Smith's grocery store.  Used to be next to the Bair Hardware store on Lafayette.  Whem demolished, the plot was occupied by a barber shop.